Protect Your Pets in an Emergency


protect your pets during an emergencySummertime often can bring violent weather in the form of severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding  that can endanger communities. Those threats or others such as fire, power outage or exposure to hazardous material  could cause your family to evacuate your home – often with very little notice.

We all know the value of being prepared for such possible disasters, and you probably already have your own disaster plan in place to protect your family.

But have you included your pet in those plans? If not, you could be forced to leave them behind to fend for themselves if evacuation were necessary because most emergency shelters do not accept pets.  The Insurance Information Institute (III) offers some sound advice to help you add your pet to your evacuation plans. Below you'll find information on other resources to help you protect your pets from risk during an emergency or evacuation.


The PETS Act Offers Protection

In the wake of large scale disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the public attention to the plight of abandoned animals separated from their owners drive the passage of the Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standard (PETS) Act in 2006.  This Act amended the Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.  It requires state and local emergency preparedness operational plans to consider the needs of people with household pets and service animals before, during and after a disaster.  Program approval and funding comes through FEMA which has the authority regarding the care, rescue, sheltering and essential needs of pets and service animals in emergency evacuation circumstances.

Learn About Local Public Emergency Plans

Your state and local emergency management agencies have plans that consider the needs of residents with pets and service animals, thanks to the PETS Act of 2006.  Looking into the emergency plans affecting your community should  help you with your own planning process. If you are a Maryland resident, visit Maryland Emergency Management for more information or find Pet Shelters by State.

Microchipping to Recover a Lost Pet 

Even the best evacuation plan will be challenged by the chaos of an emergency, and your pet could be lost.  One of the best ways to protect your pet – long before any emergency – is Microchipping.  The process is simple and painless.  A very small chip is placed just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades.  It transmits Registry information when scanned and can reunite a lost pet with its owner in short order.

Is Your Insurance Up To Date?

As you think about what precautions you should take to be ready for an emergency, don’t forget to check your insurance coverage.  Be sure that your home and belongings are insured completely.  Your insurance agent can help by reviewing your current home insurance and flood insurance policies.  Here at Schaefer & Delauder Insurance, we are always ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.  So feel free to contact us at your convenience. 

Here at Schaefer & Delauder Insurance Services in Germantown and Frederick, MD, our experienced agents welcome your questions and can assist you by reviewing your current insurance coverage and helping you to exploring your insurance options. Why not contact us at your convenience?

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