Hurricane Season: Be Prepared!

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June 1st marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, and the peak season runs from mid-August through October. Except for the coastal areas, the midAtlantic region of the country rarely suffers direct hits from hurricanes. But we do experience severe storms with high winds, lightning and flooding – often the indirect result of hurricanes. So it is helpful to know what to do before, during and after a storm hits.  

One thing that could be overlooked is the potential harm that can come from the electricity in your home. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) offers the following safety tips to help you avoid injuries from electrical and fire damage.



  • hurricane infographicBefore the storm: Be sure to unplug appliances and power cords to prevent power surges. If you will be using a portable generator, check it ahead of time and consider having a licensed electrician assure that it operates safely. Test your home’s carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors.
  • During the Storm: Stay indoors and away from windows and glass. In a power outage, use flashlights – not candles – for lighting, and use a battery-powered radio to receive safety updates.
  • After the Storm: In the event of flooding, if water breaches your house and reaches the level of electrical outlets, do not use the outlets until a licensed electrician has checked them. If electrical equipment or appliances suffer water damage or power surge, be sure to have your electrician service the items to determine whether they must be replaced, repaired or reconditioned.
  • On leaving your home following a severe storm, watch for fallen power lines and report them to authorities. Never drive through water if a fallen power line is nearby and never touch the lines.


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Home Insurance Tip

When you are coping with a severe storm, the one thing you don’t want to be worrying about is whether you have the proper insurance coverage. So, be sure to have a conversation with your insurance agent well before any severe storm or hurricane is expected. Be sure that your Homeowners insurance policy offers enough coverage to rebuild your current home if necessary and that there is sufficient additional living expense coverage as well. You should also ask what disasters your insurance policy covers and what percentage of hurricane/windstorm deductible is included. And don’t forget to have a current inventory of your home’s contents in a safe place at all times.

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